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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

What is the ActionCOACH Program?

ActionCOACH is the top one business coaching firm in the world, which originated in 1993 by Australian entrepreneur Brad Sugars.

ActionCOACH has offices and top-notch business coaches with experience in nearly every major industry in over 70 different countries, spreading its successful business model around the world. It continues in navigating everyone, the business owner, in mind.

ActionCOACH’s economical and successful mentoring strategy is meant to provide you with both short-term support and long-term training as a preferable alternative to traditional and costly consulting businesses. Because we have worked with business owners in both group coaching sessions and one-on-one coaching programs for more than 25 years, few firms have the breadth of expertise and depth of talent that ActionCOACH does.

We are focusing on teaching you our exclusive business-building tactics in all of our proven business coaching packages, which will help you attain the ActionCOACH definition of a successful business: a commercial, lucrative enterprise that works without you.

Every week, ActionCOACH works with over 15,000 clients from dozens of sectors and industries. But don’t take our word for it: the hundreds of thousands of business owners we’ve coached over the years can speak to the ActionCOACH system’s power and strength.

ActionCOACH not only shows you how to dramatically and significantly boost your business revenues and profits by utilizing sales, marketing, and financial management systems, but also how to expand your company so that you, the owner, may work less and rest more. It all starts with our coaches in order for this dream to become a reality. Our business coaches have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their specific fields. They, like you, are other business owners who have put in the time, money, and effort to make their own businesses successful in the past. These knowledgeable and experienced ActionCOACHes are among the best sources of information and mentorship available to budding business owners.

Why Would I need a Business COACH?

In every successful entrepreneur, there are excellent coaches and advisors that surround and guide them. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes in your sector or industry while running your business every day, since the world of business changes and evolves.More business owners than ever before are looking for business coaches to help them establish a winning game plan for their company, just as great athletes do by following a coach’s lead and implementing a winning game plan. You could wonder, “Why?” While being completely objective about yourself is difficult, a business coach can provide you with an unbiased source of knowledge and perspective, allowing you to evaluate your own ideas and ambitions from a different perspective.

A competent business coach will not hesitate to tell you the facts in a straightforward and honest manner, but they will also provide you with essential information about your industry and competitors. A good business coach will listen to you and help you succeed and achieve your desired goals. Finally, and perhaps the most important, a business coach will help you focus on your objectives and keep you accountable for the things you need to achieve and where you want your company to be in the future. Your ActionCOACH will act as a one-person board of directors in a sense. They will assist you in fine-tuning your marketing strategy, sales, training, and any other aspect of your organisation.

An ActionCOACH can be your partner, confidant, and mentor when you work with them. This is how your ActionCOACH assists you in realizing your goals.

What is an Alignment Consultation?

Every business owner should begin with an Alignment Consultation with an ActionCOACH. Your initial investment includes a meeting with your ActionCOACH, during which they will learn as much as they can about your company, goals, difficulties, sales, marketing, finances, and much more during this meeting.

An Alignment Consultation is conducted with three objectives in mind: first, to determine where your company is now and its status. Second, you’ll need to identify both your business and personal objectives. Third, gather the information you’ll need to construct an ActionPLAN for your company that will lead you during the next twelve months. Instead of a standard business or marketing plan, this is a step-by-step plan of action that you’ll go through as part of our one-on-one coaching program progresses. This method is a key part of why our clients benefit so much from the Alignment Consultation.

What is One-to-One Coaching?

ActionCOACH has a variety of coaching programs available, all of which are geared to help your company flourish and improve. While you can always start with a group coaching program, nothing compares to one-on-one coaching in terms of results. It’s the only program where your ActionCOACH will work directly with you for at least twelve months to help you achieve all of your objectives. One-on-one coaching can help you with any aspect of your business.

You will establish new sales techniques and business processes that will allow you to work less and make your ambitions come true, from weekly coaching calls and goal setting sessions to working with you on your new marketing pieces. Your monthly investment in one-on-one coaching ensures that your ActionCOACH will work with you on your sales, marketing, team building, and business development strategies, as well as every element of the Action Plan you created during your Alignment Consultation, for a minimum of five hours per month, whichever comes first.

We recognise that every company is at a different stage of development, which is why we’ve created a variety of Group Coaching packages to meet the needs of all types of companies. Instead than just showing you what to do like a consultant, your personal ActionCOACH will be there for you when you need them most. Your ActionCOACH will ensure that you are never alone as each idea develops, each campaign is implemented, and each strategy is executed. When you need someone to talk to especially about business and your company, your ActionCOACH will be there. Your ActionCOACH will be there for you every step of the journey, whether you’re facing obstacles or just don’t know what to do next.

Why Atleast Twelve Months?

Other business owners have certainly tried to apply so-called “quick fixes” if you’ve been in business for more than a few weeks. Most consultants appear to believe that they can address all of your issues in a matter of hours or days.

At ActionCOACH, we think that long-term success entails doing the work alongside you, showing you how to do it, working with you, and generating success together, not just making suggestions or doing the job for you. You’ll work on every aspect of your business over the course of a year. You’ll watch your goals progressively become reality over the entire duration of the program, and you’ll gain both the confidence and the knowledge to make it happen again and again.

How Wil I Find Time?

Keep in mind that the first few months will be the most difficult for you. Not because you’ll have more work, but because you’ll work differently. Your ActionCOACH will show you how to get more work done with far less effort during your time with them. Your job will not be increased after the first several months; rather, your work will be altered or changed.

You’ll start to see the rewards of all your work after around six months, and if you so desire, you can start working less than ever before. Just remember, it’s about changing what you do with your time, not putting in additional time.

How Much Will This Cost?

Your investment will be determined by the size of your company as well as the scope of your objectives. With your ActionCOACH’s help, your spending will be reasonable for your present business and the goals you wish to attain. However, regardless of the quantity of your investment, you can rest assured that it will yield returns.

ActionCOACH was the first business coaching company to guarantee that you will recoup your cost within the first 17 weeks of coaching, or you don’t pay a cent. We know how effective our coaching approach is: if it doesn’t enhance your business, you don’t have to pay. Nothing could be more simple than that. You won’t have to break the bank to work with an ActionCOACH because of our guarantee. Working with an ActionCOACH, on the other hand, is certain to enhance your profit and revenues. It turns out that having an ActionCOACH is similar to having a marketing manager, sales team leader, trainer, recruiting specialist and consultant for a single, low-cost investment.

Every action you take with your ActionCOACH is a significant investment in your future. You’ll not only start seeing fantastic results in your business, but you’ll also get a second-to-none entrepreneurial education. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to repeat your business success over and over again in other ventures.

What Is Your Guarantee?

We are the world’s leading business coaching company, as well as the only coaching firm of any type that guarantees its results. That’s because we know you WILL get results! We guarantee that you’ll be able to “find our fee” in your business within 17 weeks of ActionCOACH coaching your firm, or your coaching is FREE.

Remember that we are still your business coach, and we can’t do your work for you. You’re still the player, and it will always be up to you to take the field. We’ll push you, persuade you, assist you, be there for you, and even help you with some tasks. As a result, we guarantee to provide you with the greatest service and support possible, to immediately respond to your concerns and difficulties, and to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant processes and approaches to any situation you face. However, you must still DO the work in the end.

Ultimately, only YOU can ever be truly accountable and responsible for your own success. Regardless of how much work it takes, we are entirely devoted to assisting you in becoming successful. We’ll do everything it takes to ensure that you reach your goals while also fostering a healthy lifestyle once we’ve assisted you in setting your goals and creating your plan. This is to ensure that neither your long-term health and success, nor your company’s or your personal value, will never be compromised.

What Results Have Other Business Owners Seen?

Everything! Our outcomes speak for themselves, from entrepreneurs who previously worked 60 hours per week to those who now work only 10 hours per week, to income improvements that are measured in orders of magnitude. This will benefit you and your company for three primary reasons.

First, your ActionCOACH will assist you in staying 100% focused on your objectives and the steps necessary to achieve them. Secondly, your ActionCOACH will hold you accountable for completing tasks outside of your daily duties. You’re investing in your future success, and we’ll help you get there. Third, your ActionCOACH is going to teach you as many of our 328 profit-building strategies as you need.

Whether your aim is to make more money, work less hours, or both, during a period of the following 12 months your dream will become a reality. But don’t take our word for it – just ask any of the thousands of existing ActionCOACH clients or the hundreds of thousands who have worked with ActionCOACH to realise their objectives.